Threaded Earth Exhibition

Last Friday, my exhibition opened at the Glasshouse Regional Gallery. I collaborated with potter, Kerry Wheeldon, to create this lovely exhibition.

I used natural materials - cotton, clay, silk - and plant based dyes to create textiles and jewellery in different colours.

I wanted to weave with strips of naturally dyed silk so I went to Bali and to Java where I did short residencies at Threads of Life and Erni Batik Berkah Lesteri and coloured my silks with indigo, jalawe and mahoni. These three dyes then formed the basis for all my works in the exhibition.

Mat Board Weaving: Indigo

I constructed the warp directly onto the mat board using undyed silk yarn. the weft consists of strips of silk (noil, habatoi, etc) dyed using various shibori techniques, and different dyed strings. Most of the strings were wrapped around the silk as part of the dyeing process.

Mat Board Weaving: Jalawe and Iron Bark

Some of these strips were dyed in Imogiri, a small village not far from Yogyakarta in Java, at Erni Batik Berkah Lesteri. Jalawe is the fruit of the tree Terminalia Bellerica. The fruit is boiled to release the dye.

Mat Board Weaving: Mahoni

The bark of the mahogony tree released this gorgeous rust coloured dye. After dyeing, the fabric colour can be altered through the use of fixatives.

Send me a message if you are interested in coming along to my next textile tour to Indonesia.