Polymer Clay Workshops

I have taught Polymer Clay 1 as a 2.5 hour workshop a few times now. Participants learn some basics of cane making. They make 3 simple canes, using two contracting colours plus black and white. Then they make round beads and decorate the beads with their canes. I also show them how to make a saucer shaped bead.

I’m always excited by what participants produce!

The second Polymer Clay workshop in the series is also around 2.5 hours. We make a skinner blend and work on some more complex canes in this workshop, including faux wood and a flower or leaf cane depending on what participants prefer.

There's no time to bake the beads in this course, participants take them home to bake.

Upcoming courses: Polymer Clay 1, 3rd November - Wauchope, 21st November - Port Macquarie