Bandhani (A Traditional Form of Tie & Dye)

My fascination with all types of techniques when dyeing and decorating fabrics led me to research Bandhani, a traditional form of tie and dye from India.

“Bandhani is a tie and dye technique on woven cloth. Its name is derived from the word ‘bandhna’ (बाधंना) or ‘bandhej’ (बधंेज). The name Bandhani is used colloquially for both the technique of tie and dye as well as the final cloth. Bandhani is done on cotton, gajji silk, wool, muslin, etc. The best quality Bandhani is done on finely woven cotton. Bandhanis are brightly coloured and vibrant; and have a myriad of patterns; designs include floral, abstract, animal motifs or geometric patterns.”

Check out this You Tube video!

Look out for my upcoming tie and dye workshops where you will learn some different tie and stitch techniques. Bandhani and shibori style.