About Vasnas Designs

Vasnas Designs - home of a beautiful range of Artisan made textiles from Australia, Indonesia and (coming soon) India.

Owner of Vasnas Designs, bead and textile artist Vana Ford, handmakes art beads from polymer clay and hand dyes a selection of natural fabric, silks, cottons and wool, with both natural and synthetic dyes.  You can join a workshop with Vana to explore polymer clay bead making, shibori/bandhani style fabric dyeing, block printing and art/sashiko stitching.

Looking for some fabulous new jewellery or fabric designed and made especially for you? Vana will make it for you after careful consultation and colour matching.

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Nofel Bahmid is the owner of Gedog Arts in Ubud, Bali.

Nofel - The Blue Man - was born in Tuban, East Java and has been a batik artist for around 15 years.  He moved to Bali in 1998 with his family and started Gedog Arts, selling textiles from Tuban.  A selection of Nofel's work is now available online from Vasnas Designs.  Your purchase will support Nofel and his family and be sent to you direct from Indonesia. 

Biography & Artist Statment

Vana Ford

A long time ago, when I finished secondary school, I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer specialising in theatre costume.  Life, however, led me along a different path and I became a primary school teacher and further along, a primary school principal.  During this time, I became deeply involved in Asian Studies and, driven by a belief that my students, (from small rural communities), needed to know their place in the world in a global sense and not suffer any disadvantage by not experiencing cultural opportunities more readily available in the urban environment, I began my own learning path about Asia.

Studying Indonesian language and culture led me to Java and Lombok where I attended university language centres.  I was the recipient of two Indonesian study tours, representing the NSW Education Department.  Further opportunity led me to Shanghai and Hanoi where I attended international conferences: Linking Latitudes, again as a NSW representative.  All the while, I was learning and teaching about Asian culture with a particular emphasis on the arts. 

In 2009 I was the recipient of the prestigious North Coast leadership fellowship and I travelled to India and Vietnam to learn more about Internationalisation of Curriculum in particular in and through the arts.  Two articles about my work were published in the ACEL leadership journal.

In 2014, it was time for me to retire from my work as a primary school principal and start my own business – VASNAS DESIGNS – Out of the Ordinary.

Now, I am a bead and textile artist.  My art is my story.   I am about connecting cultures and so am a lifelong learner of traditional arts and am particularly influenced by Indian, Indonesian and Japanese textile arts and the story art of Australian Aboriginal people. Natural fibres, particularly silk, are my passion.  I am bead mad and have been threading since the age of 5.  In 2017 I embarked on my own bead making using polymer clay.  I love the intricacy of making tiny things and creating jewellery with my own beads makes so much sense!  I enjoy matching colours and shapes by linking jewellery and textile designs - dyeing and printing fabrics and scarves goes hand in hand with my bead making.


  • Northern Exposure: The Glasshouse Regional Gallery Port Macquarie NSW, 2016, 2018

  • Reflections:  Jacaranda House Creative Hub.  A collaborative exhibition following the Vasnas Designs textile tour to India,  2017

  • Connecting Cultures through Textiles: Jacaranda House Creative Hub.  Solo exhibition,  2016

  • Small Works at Sunset: a 6 artist collaborative exhibition, 2018

  • Drawn from Here: Journalling, Sunset Gallery, 2018